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Commission up to 90%

Publisher easily optimizes its income because the affiliate campaigns that Omnet offers are the most profitable in the market: commissions from 50% to 90% of the order value.

Easy to make money with everyone

Omnet system is built on a simple, user-friendly interface. Ensure that 99% user can earn money easily from sharing website refer, Omnet ico ... Anyone can do it.

Referral bonus Unlimited levels

The special feature of Omnet is the introduction bonus policy unlimited levels, which helps Publishers to increase unlimited income from the introduction of new Publishers joining Omnet.

Who We Are

Omnet is formed in Latvia. We are here to help the investors earn huge profits with their capital. Your investment will work for you with full maximized profits. Our motive is pure and concise.

Our operations are managed through a massive system of financial consultants, investment managers, omnet lounch own exchange ,and external exchange will be list Omnet coin and other independent contractors. We invest proactively and pursue to add additional funds in our current portfolio by enthusiastically contributing in the world financial market.

Using our exclusive proven strategies of the game in the crypto markets, we are guaranteed to achieve high profits to all our partners, so you do not worry about the safety of the funds, regardless of the impending level of risk of this type of venture. We implement the latest technological changes in crypto market analysis and offer our investors a choice from different investment plans. best suit you as per your comfort. At Omnet we shape your dreams and turn them into reality.

Compensation Plan

A unique system that allows you to Earn an instant 50% commissions daily. You’ll make a 50% Direct Payment when you refer someone. You’re in profit mode on your First Sale.

Your 2nd ,4th and 9th passed up to your sponsor. Except for every 5th person is passed up in addition. This means the second, fourth, ninth, fourteenth, nineteenth, etc. is passed up to your sponsor.

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